Numotion Medical Supply is here to help you and share our expertise. Please check out these helpful videos to learn more.

Clean Intermittent Cathing

Leah shares what clean intermittent cathing (CIC) means and why it is important. Emptying your bladder consistently and using good technique is critical to maintaining bladder health and quality of life.

Selecting the Right Catheter Based on your Dexterity

Leah explains different packaging of catheters to help you understand what is the best product for you based on your dexterity. Our Product Experts are always available to provide more information and assist you in this selection.

Why Use Numotion Medical Supplies

Amber spells out why you should trust Numotion Medical Supplies. Our seasoned team of product experts will talk with you to match the right catheter product to your lifestyle and physical needs and we will deliver them on time and ensure you have products when you need them!

Qualities of Catheters

Alexis helps you understand the different lengths, diameters, lubrication types, and categories of catheters. We show them to you in the video and help explain when certain catheters types are best utilized.