Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Questions

  • What catheter products do you carry?

    Visit male anatomy, female anatomy & pediatric anatomy and brands to learn more.

  • Can I get a free sample?

    Yes! Click on link below or call us at +1 (800) 834-9694

  • What types of catheters are there and how do they differ?

    Catheters are available in different lengths, sizes, materials and lubricants. To find out more go to female catheters, male catheters and pediatric catheters.

  • How do I use my catheter?

    See our instruction guides for explanation of how to cath.

  • How do I reorder my catheters?

    A member of our reorder team will contact you each month/quarter prior to shipment. You can also place an online reorder here.

  • How will my catheters ship to me?

    Catheters will arrive in discreet packaging to your home or designated shipping address. Your entire order will ship at once.

  • How do I travel with my catheters?

    Traveling with catheters can be done smoothly if you are prepared. See our ProTip article that provides best practices on traveling with catheters.

  • How do I prevent urinary tract infections?

    UTIs can be problematic, but are preventable with good bladder health and utilizing optimal techniques for cathing. See our NuDigest article that provides tips on managing bladder health

  • Do you take my insurance?

    Highly likely as we work with over 2000 health plans! But give us a call at (800) 834-9694 to discuss your benefits

Insurance Questions

  • What insurance plans are contracted with Numotion Medical Supply?

    We are contracted with most major health plans. But give us a call at (800) 834-9694 to discuss your needs.

  • How many catheters will my insurance cover?

    The amount of catheters is dependent on medical necessity. Medicare allows for 200 per month. Other insurance coverages will vary. We will work with your insurance provider to insure that you receive your fully allotted amount.

  • How much will my catheters cost?

    You will receive a thorough explanation of your coinsurance, a review of any deductible and out of pocket max to fully understand your financial obligations.  Numotion offers financial assistance for those who qualify.

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