Will My Insurance Cover Catheters?

We accept most major insurance providers.  Please call us to ensure we work with your insurance plan.

Catheter Insurance Coverage: How it works

Share your Insurance

Access our chat feature to share and confirm your provider information.

Speak with a Specialist

Once your information is confirmed, a specialist will contact you to go over your benefits.

Bill your Insurance

After we obtain your insurance information and discreetly ship and deliver your product, we will submit the claim on your behalf.

Catheter Coverage for Medicare Customers

Numotion can service Medicare.  Medicare allows for 30/60/ or 90 day orders. There is a 20% co-pay unless you have a secondary insurance plan. Medicare does not cover supplies while someone is in a Home Health Episode or is in the hospital. 

Catheter Coverage for Medicaid Customers

Numotion services all state Medicaid plans and the majority of the Medicaid replacement plans.  These plans allow for a 30 day order each month and are not eligible for auto shipments.  There are no co-pays for Medicaid plans.

Catheter Coverage for Commercial Customers

Numotion is contracted with over 2000 commercial insurance plans. These plans typically allow for 30/60/90 orders and can be auto shipped monthly. You will receive a thorough explanation your coinsurance, a review of your deductible and out of pocket max to fully understand the financial aspects.

Numotion offers financial assistance for those who qualify.

Common Insurance Terminology

  • Co-pay

    This is paid after your deductible and is a fixed amount that you pay for a healthcare service, such as an MD visit, Rx medication, hospital stay, ER visit, lab tests…etc

  • Co-insurance

    This is a cost share that you take on with your insurance provider once your deductible is met. These payments are applied towards the Out of Pocket Max.

  • Deductibles

    This is an agreement that we make to pay our insurance provider a certain amount of money before the insurance plan will begin paying on a claim/claims.

  • Out of pocket max

    The amount that the policyholder must spend on healthcare costs (through deductible, copays, or coinsurance) before the insurance begins paying all claims at 100%. The amount does not include any payments made towards plan premiums.

  • Max quantity limit

    This is a set limit of items that insurance will pay for per dispensing period (typically Rx medication, disposable medical supplies) this delineates the maximum quantity that the insurance will reimburse for. Over this limit might require PAR (Prior Authorization Request). For example, Medicare will allow up to 200 intermittent catheters each month (200 is the maximum quantity allowed by MCR).

  • Capitated

    This term is used to describe a healthcare plan that pays a flat fee to providers for each patient the provider sees who is insured by this plan despite services rendered. In other words, under a capitated contract/insurance plan, an insurance provider pays a fixed amount of money for its members care directly to the healthcare provider despite the equipment/medication/service/supply provided, the fee is a flat rate paid per member.


  • How much will my catheters cost?

    You will receive a thorough explanation of your coinsurance, a review of any deductible and out of pocket max to fully understand your financial obligations.  Numotion offers financial assistance for those who qualify.

  • How many catheters will my insurance cover?

    The amount of catheters is dependent on medical necessity. Medicare allows for 200 per month. Other insurance coverages will vary. We will work with your insurance provider to insure that you receive your fully allotted amount.

  • What insurance plans are contracted with Numotion Medical Supply?

    We are contracted with most major health plans. But give us a call at (800) 834-9694 to discuss your needs.

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