Customer Stories

Turning darkness into light

Meet Johnathan “Yotsai,” a community leader, actor, upcoming rapper, and father. Yotsai’s journey took an unexpected turn on March 18, 2015, when a fateful encounter left him paralyzed from the stomach down, Yotsai said he decided not to let his disability define him but turn his circumstances into “light and spread great energy.” As a customer of Numotion’s Medical Supply business, Yotsai said that his medical supplies make every day for him more independent.

More than just medical supplies

Numotion’s exceptional professionalism and expertise were evident from Melody’s initial call. Their dedication to providing knowledgeable and compassionate service left a lasting impression. With Michael’s catheter needs at the forefront, Numotion’s representatives actively addressed Melody’s past frustrations. They collaborated on a plan to secure approval for larger monthly catheter deliveries, eliminating worries of running out. This thoughtful approach also spared Melody the burden of costly small orders. Numotion’s commitment to ensuring a different, more affordable experience exemplifies their exceptional care.

Strong in his wheelchair

At just thirteen months old, Zander’s life changed drastically, leaving him paralyzed due to Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM). Treated at Levine Children’s Hospital, Zander made steady progress during his three-week inpatient rehab. As a customer of Numotion’s Medical Supply business, Zander’s mom appreciates the timely delivery of his supplies. Led by Claudia, the Numotion team ensures coverage and promptly addresses any concerns, providing peace of mind throughout Zander’s recovery journey

Keeping an independent and active lifestyle

Carlos, injured in a car accident at eighteen, experienced a life-altering spinal cord injury that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down. Initially living with his family, he later transitioned to independent living with roommates. Despite his circumstances, Carlos leads an active and independent lifestyle, enjoying sports, gym workouts, and quality time with his puppy. As a longstanding Numotion CRT customer, Carlos primarily relies on products from Numotion’s Medical Supply business to meet his ongoing needs.

Not slowing down

Greg is a Numotion CRT and Medical Supply customer who suffered a T9 complete spinal cord injury during a family ski trip. Despite life-altering changes, Greg’s resilience drives him to stay active. Greg appreciates the convenience of discreet Coloplast Compact Sets delivered to his door. As a former triathlete and marathon runner, Greg’s determination and love for travel continue to shape his recovery journey.

Making a splash

Lillie, a non-verbal child, recently achieved the milestone of independent walking, using her wheelchair solely for transportation. Excited about Morgan’s Wonderland and Inspiration Island Splash Park, her mom Hollie, a Numotion employee, took her there. During their visit, Lillie amazed her family by ascending the slide ramp unassisted and playing with other children. Hollie cherished the moment as Lillie confidently made her own choices and enjoyed the park’s inclusive and fun-filled atmosphere, where medical needs took a backseat to pure enjoyment.

Using Personal Experiences to Help Others

Susan became a Medical Supply Account Manager at Numotion after her husband’s spinal cord injury. Inspired by the exceptional customer service they received from Numotion, Susan joined to make a meaningful difference. Despite lacking a traditional sales background, she was given a chance by urology leader Amber Foster, who recognized Susan’s unique perspective and empathy. Susan’s personal experience drives her dedication to ensuring clients receive reliable supplies, offering support and adapting to their evolving needs.

Soccer Star

Mckenna, a determined fifteen-year-old, had her life changed by a jet ski accident, resulting in a neck injury. Despite this setback, her love for soccer remained unwavering. Mckenna now volunteers with Charlotte’s Independence Inclusion Soccer Program, empowering individuals of all abilities to play the sport. Her inspiring story led to winning the SheBelieves Hero contest and meeting her idol, Tobin Heath. As a customer of Numotion and its Medical Supply business, Mckenna receives hassle-free catheters, enabling her participation in adaptive sports.