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Product Type
Straight Catheter

Drains into a urinal or directly into the commode
Available in latex, PVC, or silicone

Closed System/Kit

Bag attached, or bag available to connect to the catheter funnel
May come with gloves, betadine, BZK wipes, drape
Optimal for management of infection risk when used properly and as designed

Coudé Catheter

Unique tip allows the catheter to advance past the prostate, scar tissue, stricture, or any other anatomical structure that a straight catheter cannot pass

Lubricant Type

Catheter is not coated with any lubricant.
Preferred by individuals who want the freedom to apply as much lubricant as necessary/preferred.
May require the addition of lubricant depending on preference.


Water based gel.
Catheters are either pre-lubricated to allow for easier insertion or come with an additional gel packet to be applied by user.


Sterile water/saline based lubricant.
Research shows that the use of a hydrophilic catheter reduces the likelihood of a UTI that requires antibiotic treatment.


Specialized coating is activated by saline/sterile water.
The sachet of saline or sterile water must be popped, for optimal hydration, prior to opening the catheter package.


Allows for easy insertion.

Reduces the risk of infection


Catheter comes with a packet of saline/sterile water in a coated hydrophilic packaging.

Insertion Tip

Specialized tip, typically on closed system catheters/kits, that allows for the catheter to bypass the distal urethra, reducing risk of infection.


Ready to use out of the package, no application of lubricant required.

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