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Social Responsibility

Our goal is to foster and create positive social change for our customers and employees in the communities where we live and serve.


Numotion promotes an environment where everyone, from every unique background, can do their best work. We strive for a workplace that reflects the communities we serve and we do not tolerate discrimination against our employees, customers and partners regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, and citizenship, marital or veteran status. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment based in open dialogue, active listening and ongoing definitive actions.


Numotion is committed to serving our customers ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. As part of this commitment, Numotion has established and maintains an effective compliance program designed to comply with applicable federal and state laws.


We believe we have a responsibility to keep our customers’ needs at the forefront of the national conversation — both with legislators and the public. This means advocating for their needs through lobbying efforts and raising awareness about the diseases and conditions they face.

Community Support

Building on our commitment to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities, we created the Numotion Foundation, whose mission is to support people and causes that work towards enhancing the lives of people with disabilities in communities of common interest. The Numotion Foundation is dedicated to engaging employees and supporters to donate funds and provide a centralized, coordinated, and compliant structure for distributions on behalf of Numotion to relevant charitable organizations and programs